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  2006.08.29  14.05

Myspace is pretty gay now. Prolly because I can't get in with JFK's computer.. Funny though. They seem to have forgoten about Livejournal and how its realted to myspace. Once again I beat the system. HAHAHAHA!

Holy shiit, I have not been online for quite some time already. Im almost computer illiterate. This suxx.

Holy shiit. I HAVE AN INTERVIEW TODAY. At Outrigger. I hope I get the job. That would be totally awesome. I can sure use the cash. Im fucking tired of bumming off the parents and shiit.

Anyway. YOUR GAY!!!!!!!

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  2005.11.14  22.37



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  2005.11.08  23.54

Last night we went out to Casa's... It was real slow there so we went to Mac and Marty's. There we found a empty bar with a piss poor band playing and singing their hearts out to what seem to be their relatives.. At this point we buy Cigars and leave to BOBBIE BARS... I'll tell you this much, we go to these bars way to much for our own good.. Man, the second we step foot into Club U.S.A. we're greeted by strippers who in fact know our names. By heart even.. Now their not just walking up to us, giving us a firm handshake or attempting "game". They yelled our names half way arcross the room. Screaming attention and for our company. TheY genuinely like us... It's crazy.. Every single bobbie bar we go too, we know someone. Or in most cases, they know us. The girls I mean. To tell you the truth I don't know 80% percent of these ladies. I know Blue. I know Jewel. I know...whatser name!!??...See, most these ladies only have labels or a description per say.. It's only like this because half of the time Im real intoxicated to even remember where we parked.. It's crazy..
So after all this we went back to Casa's for a beer or two and find the bar just crawling with chaudes and chaudetts..LITERALLY. At the least 75% of the guys in there had there hair shaved right off their heads.. Seriously. Man, I have never been in that type of crowed before. Nick, the entire time there was warnning me and not wanting to go back. I totally ignored him and went there anyway. There were hardly any parking when we got there. Luckily I had my trusty HANDICAP sticker thing.. We got inside and immediately wanted to leave. I once again ignored the first thought that ran through my head and ordered a beer. Or was it Nick who did? TAHDONTKNOW!? But yeah. Too many chaudes.
the end..

Well, today, I just received a letter from a small claims court or whatever saying I have to pay the DVD movie store in Agat $201.00 for late fees. I was in shock.. I just returned them today along with a down payment of $70.00 to insure my credit... It totally sucked. I was really hoping I could keep the DVD's I rented.. They were good dvds: "Donnie Darko", "Alffy", "Lords of Dogtown", and "Be Cool". All of which I enjoyed watching.. O'well, at least I still have my Dragon Ball Z dvd still, is'nt that right Little Vince.. tahahaha
I didn't work today, just hungout at the Ranch with Nick and Friends. Hahaha, I watched them work!!

Oh, and about the show that went on the Saturday that just passed. It was good and great at the same time. I enjoyed seeing old friends again and hanging out with them. At one point there was a lot of people there just lounging and drinking.. There was no actual moshing going on... It was alright.. I hope sometime later we do another. THis time We will open the show.. Instead of being dead last.hahaha.. What was funny about that was, it was our decision to do be last. I think... I don't know really...
Right now I don't know whats happening with "Project-Anti".. It's all up to Little Vince. That Fag.lol..

October for me was one heck of a month! I wish I have pictures to show but unfortunately I don't..

Here's something Nick made me fill out tonight.. Well, said I should. hahaha... lol..

The Pool Boy
Random Gentle Sex Dreamer (RGSDm)

Friendly and eager. You are The Pool Boy.

A teen at heart, you anxiously move about your daily tasks, hoping, praying for a good, instant lay. You're carefree, enthusiastic, and rarely discouraged. Love is cool, but it's not for you right now. You know what is? Crotches.

You're a fun person in both big and small groups, and your friends trust and love you. Inside you, meanwhile, your lust is only growing. Imagine your beating heart sprouting pubic hair. Exactly. Try shaving that.

Your exact opposite:
The False Messiah

Deliberate Brutal Love Master
If you're not scoring enough--which you aren't--you should adopt new strategies. Lower your standards. Be aggressive. Pool Boys are often submissive and hope (desperately) sex will find them. Realize that passiveness will not hook the horny girls you desire. A bolder approach and sheer repetition will.

When browsing OkCupid, consider both The Dirty Little Secret and The Playstation.

ALWAYS AVOID: The Battleaxe, The Priss

Link: The 32-Type Dating Test by OkCupid - Free Online Dating.
My profile name: quipster

Ahhnnnd thats pretty much what I have to say on this entry.. Thats all folks.

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  2005.11.05  15.44



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  2005.11.01  20.22
So it never happened...

I was supposed to go out and catch a movie with Jess tonight. That never happened. I also planned to get something to eat afterwords.. That never happened..
I was really looking forward to it too...But Sunday seems brighter these days doesn't it? Cause I have a date!!

Bye the way, There's a show this Saturday and everyone is invited! For straight Edge guys we know, your more than welcome.. For the others...GO FUCK YOURSELVES... FUCK STRAIGHT EDGE! A BUNCH'A LITTLE GAY BASTARDS IF YOU ASK ME!

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  2005.10.30  00.54


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  2005.10.27  14.19

Well, it definitely has been one hell of a month. Little Vince put together a band in a outstanding two days. I have to admit, I did have my doubts.. It seemed impossible at the time. Knowing you have a gig in two days does not help your confidence either. Anyway, we get through the Rock-n-Bowl gig over with. It was fun only doing it the way we did.. JAHRUNK good times.
We tried to steal from JFK's band room. We managed to remove two pegs from the door's hingies.. It was until 1hour into it till we gave up.. It was scott and myself in this mischievous act of ours. Twas a lost cause. After this we head for Denny's for food.. Upon exiting the Magnilao road, I notice this kid running from our car as if he was doing something he wasn't supposed to be doing. I drove the car around the corner he was on and I notice him in the bushes trying to hide.. I reverse the car aggressively and step out and approach this kid.. I have never seen anyone dash away like this kid did. He was fucking terrified.. It was early in morning so that did'nt help.. Anyway, He leaves behind this large object where he was hiding.. I quickly run towards this object thinking very hard , trying to make out what exactly it was. To my surprise it was a fucking SUBWOFFER.. "What the fuck?" is running through my head along with cunfusion..lol...We speed away to denny's.. Summing it up, WE STOLE FROM A STEALER and his SUBWOFFER!
Tonight we have practice, I'm feeling real confident now, thats for sure. We were supposed to play last night but Nick wanted to go out. For a while little Vince was real mad. Disappointed. haha.. Sorry again Little man.
Chi and Bekah came down last night to the Ranch.. I met Tim for the first time. He's a cool guy I guess. I have been wanting to say this for a while, I have no problem with people visiting me at the ranch at all.. It just that I don't appear right. Im pretty much in house clothes and it makes me real uncomfortable for friends to see me like this. It's bad enough that this is a first impression for others... This chaude like freak with a MoHawk...lol. Just not during work. It's just issues thats all.. Respect it..<3
I have work in little bit so I have to get going..


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  2005.10.27  03.26


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  2005.10.18  19.17
Casa's here we come.

Be prepared!! :p

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  2005.10.14  19.47

people=shiit I once said. Now I'm not too sure about it. I mean, I love to go out when I can and get wasted with pretty much strangers. People I don't know. People with lables,names, and a great conversation. It's good.
Last night I got to Casa's and people just approached me like Im an extremely intresting person.. It was real weird but I kinda liked it..
Tonight I'm gonna go out witht he same attitude and just "Go with the flow". I wanna meet people too. New people. Not that I'm tired of the same ones or anything.. Just refreesh. Socialy refresh. lol.. I don't know where Im going with this? argh..

summing up the evening:

-The drive to tumon sucked
-The owner of Livehouse is officially a goo friend
-found great parking!!:D
-went to a BOBBIE BAR
-Got wasted
-Met some fine young ladies.Too bad it was their job to be nice..lol


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  2005.10.13  18.28
A smoke before sleep.

... It's a terrific idea.. I found this roach that has been sitting in my room, God know how long it was there. I smoked it and imidiately and feel asleep.. Now, I think I'll have some weed stashed away for that cause.
Man, My paycheck is going to be real sad tomorrow. It's gonna make me cry. DAMN RAIN, MESSING WITH THE BENJAMINS AND SHIIT..AHHHHHHHH!


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  2005.10.13  00.55
Nothing much.

Just got back from the Ranch and Im feeling kinda of tipsy. Yeah, We pounded a few beers and watched
Conan O'Brian. From the looks of it, I am an ALCOHOLIC and fan. Little Vince and I had our practice with just the guitars at hand.. We played for a bit till he had to go home.. I ended it all by obligations.

I don;t have much to say really. I just got home and I want sleep. How lame is that.

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  2005.10.10  22.09
Week end at the ROTA FEST.

I went to meet up with a friend of mine at Casa's, so that he could fill me in on the details about the trip and what not. On the way there I witnessed a robbery in Agat. Well not exactly witness but, I definitely saw the robbers flee from the store. It was strange.This all happened as I was passing by.
Anyway, I get to Casa's and I pound a few beers. Well, a lot of beers. I pretty much spent at the least 50 percent of my paycheck there.. After I went to grub at Denny's.
I didnt come home till 4/5 am. That left me with about an hour and half of sleep.. It totally sucked ass waking up that early. So I get to the Macdonald's in the Navel base and wait.. I had to wait 3 hours there. Within that 3 hours I get harassed by the military cops.. These Military fucks have nothing better to do than to fuck with people like me. I was fucking waiting for a ride for fuck's sake. Anyway it took about three of their finniest men to handle my tight ass. DumbFUCKS. God I felt so disgusted. Like a criminal. Like an animal.shiit..
Later I was picked up by one of Dustin's friends and brought to the ship. I have never in my entire lifE step foot on such a large boat. IT had to have been 110 foot long, complete with a full sized kitchen and two bathrooms.. The whole shahbang and shiit.
So Dustin told me it was gonna be about three hours till we get there. IT WAS THE LONGEST THREE HOURS OF MY LIFE!! The frst thirty minutes there everythings cool and shiit. All of a sudden Im feeling kinda dizzy, the next thing I know Im at the rear puking my guts out. After finishing up that, I'm like "YAY, I WIN!!*wipes mouth* WHAT DO I GET!!"
So we arrive.
You not believe how nice these people are. It never fails, Every person waves. Everything so expensive, the fucking king car there was 2 fucking dollars. That gas is an outstanding $3.50. Jesus christ, how do these people get around? It didnt hit me till about the second day there, that most of them farm. Make there own food and shiit.
It kinda sucked that I had very little money. I couldnt do the things I wanted. I pretty much had to wait for someone to offer to get me a drink... The bank there was closed for the weekend so that was out of the question.

Theres way too much to say so I'll just sum it up:

-Went site seeing
-Ran away from police
-Ate free food
-Walked a lot
-Went to a bobbie bar(that was kinda weird too.small island
-Camped out

Theres was not much to do but get wasted. The population was only 6,000. Tiny island.

And thats it.

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  2005.10.04  01.09
Sux to be awake right now

Well, Woke up around 1pm.. Did'nt get out of bed till 2. At this point Im late for work.. Pretty much went through the day with ease. Till it came down to putting the horses away and such.. I had to do it all my self. Twas a bitch..
Afterwards I came home , took a shower, and headed straight back to funky town.. Nothing beats pizza and good movies. Got the pizza and the movies well, Lets just say it was a disappointment... I'll leave it at that.

Umm, now I'm pretty much home now and Im restless and shiit...

Im gonna watch something.. Or download MOVIES.

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  2005.10.02  00.13
Today was way too long.

I woke up with a hangover and an extreme soared throat. I had to think hard on how I got the soar throat. I already knew where the Hangover came from.hehe. It took quite some time but I finally got it. I was toking on a cigar and I inhaled.. Bad idea. Anyway, lasniight I was over the top belligerent.. Speech slurrred, motor functions impaired, and the crazy idiot and such.. All this and I still managed to drive home.. Twas good.. Not really, I mena there was no other alternative.

Earlier today I rescued LIttle Vince and went to base. Looked around and I bought a Jacket.. Some dvd's caught my eye but I did'nt have any money to spend.
We also went to the commissary where this fucking jerk pretty much harassed me about my pants being to low and that I was disgusting or some shiit.. It was weird how approached me and shiit, it definitely, caught me off guard.. :
Jerkassbitch: Hey, you dont think your pants are too low, I mean your showing everyone your behind. I think you should put up...
(at this point I was stunned and had nothing to say.. At first I thought he was using sarcasm, but the guy had absolutely no piercing or no signs of humor.. It was weird..) So I turn to little Vince hoping for some answers.Didnt get anything..haha)
I said nothing and juyst stood there.
Jerkassbitch: You know, I wonder what the store manager would say if I made this complaint..

Then this cleak lady person or whatever bumbs in.
Clerkladyperson: It's ok sir I will deal with this..
Ther Jerkassbitch and lady are discussing shiit Just before he walks away he says "Its completely Disgusting."
The rest is just dumb.

Anyway the moral of the story is that some JERKASSBITCH was checking out my ass.. He was definitely, gay. Or jsut real confused about his sexuality..funny.

Im fucking tired yo. I need hit me up some rest. I'm....Just tired

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  2005.09.27  03.12
I have been eating a lot of chicken.

Haha, I should make song like that.

Eat'n a lot of chicken and I can walk around with feathers.
Eat'n so much chicken? Nothing can be better!

Lame, I know. How about you try!?

Im high, you have to excuse me.

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  2005.09.26  01.29
lastnight was way too long.

Wokw up at 9am. Begged my father to borrow his 4x4 to hull something. It was a bitch.. The entire process lasted about 2 hours...It was a bitch.

Our Sunset Tour yesterday evening was alright. .. It was'nt the best thats fo sho!

Umm, Before I left Merizo I stopped by the Ranch to hang with the wise one..Nick. Little Vince showed up about 10 mins later.. He pretty much just sat in Nick's room.. Nick was working on his projects.. After Little VInce and I head for the pier to have a Beer... It was alright I guess. I mean every time the tWO of us is alone some chaud always attemps to sell us pot. That marks two night in a row...

I think I wanna take pictures of our sunset tour this evening.

After lifting all that weight yesterday my back went out....For the afternoon.

I got these really neat stickers from Casa's lastnight. The first time they handed them out I stuffed them into my pocket on my shirt..Bad idea. After comming home I immediately throw the shirt into the washer.. Totally destroyed them..

I just got back from Casa's. I passed up to 70 officers all gathered in one spot. They were at the Pizza hut Intersection there in Santa Rita. It was crazy because before I got there I was kind of racing this tercel.lol. I only did that cause Im affraid of speeding alone. But seeing all the cops like that fn scared me up the ying yang and shiit. But yeah I'm tired. I have several things in my head. I want to sleep this all off..

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  2005.09.22  01.28

Well, It's about 1am and Im up.. ..

I have practice with "The Difference" Later in the day. I'm excited. Apparently we're gonna be playing tomorrow(Friday).. Which is nurve racking. I'm not entirely sure if were ready. I feel *blah*..

Ummm. I have a bunch of pictures from Sat. night. A bunch a funny ones I might add. Little Vince in his "Little Red Riding Hood" du-rag...... You all have to see this.. It's halairious..in fact I am gonna show it to you guys.. Hope my little Hommie won't get mad..
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Yeah, there was ABSOLUTELY NO editing to this pic.. What you see is what you see.lol..It's almost like Al has a mask on.hehe..
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
The next few pictures were taken a different night.. I honestly don't remember.. But I htink I was broke. And so was Nick. And we had fucking blast anyway. That doesnt usually happen to us, WELL AT LEAST TO nICK.. i BLOW MONEY LIKE A FAN? I dont know. But it was good.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com


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  2005.09.15  14.17

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Well, Nick edit the picture and little Vince fits.

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  2005.09.14  16.19

Just sittin around, I'm kinda waiting on some some people to arrive...

Latnight was alright. Had practice with Luke and friends at Jimmy's place. Hopefully I can go tonight. IF I can find time to go to his that would be great.. After my practice we headed for Casa's cause someone said they'll be there. She she never showed up. But its cool, it's not that big of a deal. None the less, it was a fabolous night... Lol... NIck got a chance to go up on stage and do a song.
Ummm, I met sooo much people that I have'nt seen in such a long time. So that was very refreshing..

These chicks were hitting on me and NIck. Lol.. There were liek three of them I think.. It was sooo fucking obvious that were, One of them tried to start a conversation with me but then I kinda got lost in the music and so they eventually gave up... Twas funny.

Well, I downloaded "Star Wars Episode 3" and I'm currently trying to find time to watch it. It sux, I dont know what is it, that I never have time anymore.. It might be the partying. I don't know anymore.

The fucking hour LITTLE VINCEturns 18 I'm taking him stright to Casa's. Trust.
But yeah Im finished.

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  2005.09.13  02.13

I really have nothing to say, so I guess I'll post pics. I havent done that in quite some time now. I will do that now.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
First up, A view in which Nick and myself both share while working. SOmthing to admire for you folks.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Now ladies and GERMS, Meet and greet the future icons of RAWK! By the way, theres a certain someone missing in this picture. He's very dear to us and he knows it!! You got it, LITTLE VINCE.. What a guy!what a pal.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
LMFAO, This was captured at "Don't tell Mama's".. A boobie bar. The funny thing about this was that it took Nick several tries to actually get on top of that roof thing. It was hilarious as fuck. The first try he fell completely on his ass and on to a car. It took a lot of convincing just to get him back up there. But you know me, you know how I doo.. I put the Vince in ConVince!! alriiight!lol.. funny it was.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
This is the band. WE ARE GOD! HEAR US ROAR!*meow* The Difference.. No really this is Jimmy(Moniskat7), Myself(PUBLICOUTCRY), Nicodemus(Lost Toys), and Luke(Ars Poetica).

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Yes, it's back for the enjoyment for everyone. Mr. Vincent "FABIO" M.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Nick, playing with fire.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Courtesy of Aichan! The little one and Big.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Once again, Airis and the Vinces. Also known as the Vince sandwich..

That all FOLKS.

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  2005.09.08  14.19



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  2005.09.07  20.22

Listening to "The Champs", Makes me want TEQUILA! Lol..
Its real good song to hangout with.... Just finishing up washing some blankets and girths for the horses. Not much fun, but at least their gonna be happy tomorrow..
Im jsut chilling here.. For a while till I finish.
LMFAO! We just decided were gonna play that song, Nick and I... Oh and were gonna play the VINDICATED song too from Dashboard.
I really dont have anything to update about right now.. I mean my day went alright up until the part of work..Im lazy like that.. Oh, Im getting fat. I think, I know. Not too sure really..

Holy shiit, I just found this song thats really gay but intresting.. Well not really. But it's from "BOSTON"..Lol.. If anyone knows the song, KEEP IT TO YOURSELF..lmfao.. It's good! "Im gonna take you by suprise and make you realize..................funny shiit...................................
I have to go, the pc needs to shut off..

Peace out jiggas!!

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  2005.09.05  23.40
And that made me feel that much better.


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  2005.09.05  12.03
No title.

I have this tendency to hold up all this problems or frustrations inside. So When the time to talk about it arrives, I either turn to rational decisions or simply avoid it.. I recently made a rational decision and I have to live with that now... I don't want things like this. I want * back. I would like to continue being with *. I want to be with *. I dont know weather or not she would, but know this I fn lover *. I feel like shiit. I feel like I don't deserve * back. I always find myself doing shiit like this.. Something dumb. I'm pathetic, retarded, in complete disgust of myself, a fuck -up and mostly a fn jerk.
That day, I found it ten times harder to get things done. Its was harder than ever. The only thing on my mind that day was *.
I'm affraid to call her. I want to call her. I can't bring myself to do sooo.. . . . . .

I find myself yelling at the top of my lungs at japs because they didnt listen.. I knew damn well that it wasnt thier fault. It was simply the language barrier tahat stood in the way of instructions. BUt still i was in no mood to deal with them. Im tired. I have work in a couple of mins. I don't want to go though.. Just want to....


So this is just to post my day.. Right now Im at the ranch chilling.. I was reading though this entry and it made me giggle. Yeah thats right giggle. It made me realize how much I care for *. It's all good.

So the day started at 1:30. I didnt get out of bed till 1:30. And who's bed you might ask? Certainly not *'s.lmfao... It was my John's bed, here at the ranch.. I know it sounds funny but thats just the way it goes....ahem.
Umm, really didnt do much because of the weather. If theres rain than theres no work. I kind of don't mind a little clouds of rain from here to there. But the entire day? Come on!
Something else funny AND YOU WILL laugh at me for it: But its all good. Not to many of you guys know but Im really self-contious about my skin complexion. So I do what I must in order to stay that way.
But what If the day was clear of clouds and the only thing standing in the way of a really mean tan is the sun.. What do you do? Heres what I would do and have done on several ocasions with that. Ask Nick to lend you a shirt with no significance to him and strech the sucker until you can fit your entire torso and that includes your arms into it. Now, I usually would use the t-shirt to hide me from the sun. Both arms are well tucked in.. The ideal way to see through is to use the whole which you insert you head, to see. Normally the tourist would either think Im really weird or they would just laugh at my silliness.. All this is during the 1 hour trail ride with them.. So all they see is an idiot. A big idiot. An ENORMOUS idiot. One with no exceptions. ME. IDIOT...yeah.

Shiit, that was a lot of bull shiit.

Umm.. Lastnight was good.

John(My boss) Just dragged me outside to secure horses after knowing damn well I already took a shower.. This means Im fresh and clean. Its wasnt too bad just my awesome cool KICKS
arent so awesome...and cool..shiit

Fuck I'm bored.

Umm..I just lit 4 consecutive cigs. None of which I smoked. Im too busy typing..
I have no Idea why Im talking soo much.

Oh yeah.. I met up with Scott you all know him as "BEN" The other night at the YIGO thing. Its a bit weird at first but eventually with some booze it was all good... I don't care anymore about who said what and when.... Blah. Also met up with Sash and Alex.

Ummm, Nick is supposed to be cooking something real good tonight. Im looking forward to that.

I'm finnally bored with this soo Im goona contemplate calling *.

Later.again.and for good. bye.shoot.peace.Later.chao?lol.

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